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Rochester Spring Hockey League

Rochester Spring Hockey Leagues News!
Thursday Feb 21st 2019

Great News! RSHL under new direction!


Rochester Spring Hockey Leagues new website:  


The Rochester Spring Hockey Leagues are now under new direction with the Return of the Robin Hockey company taking over the league and bringing some new and enhanced features to the league.

  • Experienced referees will be in place for all games
  • On-Line registration with paypal payment option is available
  • added a girls only division for players U12/10 
  • same fee to play as in 2018 


Registration for the RSHL is underway now and the leagues will once again fill quickly. 


Check out the new website at to register for the RSHL!  

2018 RSHL Champions Crowned!
Thursday Jun 14th 2018

Congratulations to all of the kids who played in the 2018 Rochester Spring Hockey League.  As always the league is a great transition from spring to summer and gives the kids a chance to play in some final games before taking a break to recharge the hockey batteries.


At the squirt level the Wild defeated the Flames for the championship and the Flyers defeated the Rangers for third place.


At the peewee level the Sharks defeated the Blackhawks for the championship and the Jets defeated the Stars for third place.


Thank you for playing and have a great summer!

Wednesday Jun 6th 2018
June 6, 2018
RSHL Coaches and Referees,
We are down to the final games tonight and Thursday.  Thank you for all of the time and energy that you have put into the league for the benefit of the kids playing.
I have received a note or two about player behavior on and off the ice.  I would like to ask you to be proactive with your players in your final game to be sure that they are playing with a “fun first” mindset and absolutely no rough or cheap play on the ice.  I am alerting our referee to call a tight game when it comes to penalties and poor choices on the ice.  This starts with you as a coach to tell your players that poor choice hockey is not allowed and then correct it if it occurs.
If we see a player make an intentional attempt to play rough or cheap we will simply just send him or her off the ice when it occurs.  No second warning or chance.  Please support the referee and just signal to your player to leave the ice sheet.
We want to end the RSHL on a positive note and having parents encourage proper behavior in the locker room, coaches encourage proper play on the ice, and referees enforce the rules a bit tighter will certainly help.
Thank you
Tuesday Jun 5th 2018

The RSHL squirt level playoffs are now set.      PLAYOFF BRACKET


Monday, June 4th 

Flames vs. Flyers at 6:00pm

Rangers vs. Wild at 7:15pm


Wednesday, June 6th

Flyers vs. Rangers at 6:00pm for 3rd Place

Wild vs. Flames at 7:15pm for 1st Place


Good Luck!

Saturday Jun 2nd 2018

The RSHL peewee playoffs are now set.     PLAYOFF BRACKET


Tuesday, June 5th


Blackhawks vs. Jets at 6:00pm

Sharks vs. Stars at 7:15pm


Winning teams play on Thursday, June 7th at 7:15pm for the championship

Losing teams play on Thursday,June 7th at 6:00pm for third place.


Here are the final standings:


1.  Blackhawks   19 points and a +31

2.  Sharks           19 points and a +28

3.  Stars              7 points and a -26

4.  Jets               7 points and a -33


Since the top two teams  and the bottom two teams tied in points and also beat each other two times the next tie breaker was goals for and golas against.  This is final.


Good Luck!

Tuesday May 29th 2018

The 2018 Rochester Spring Hockey League is on the stretch drive with only three game remaining in the regular season.  All RSHL regular season games will conclude this week on Saturday and then, based on the standings, we will determine the playoff schedule.  The RSHL playoffs take place next Monday through Thursday (June 4th - 7th).  All registered players will receive an e-mail notification on Saturday, June 2nd by 9:00pm to let you know of the playoff schedule.  The squirt playoffs are on Monday and Wednesday at 6:00pm and 7:15pm each night.  The peewee playoffs are on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm and 7:15pm each night.  This info is also noted on the RSHL website under schedules.  

RSHL Incident Note
Monday May 21st 2018
May 21, 2018
RSHL Parents and Players,
On Sunday night there was an incident during the Squirt Flames and Wild game involving parents (coaches and other) and I want to clarify a few things.
This league is set up to run as “semi-structured open hockey” with as few whistles as possible which means limited off-sides, icing and penalty calls.
This league is intended to be a fun first and scoreboard second one with an emphasis on players having fun over trying to win. 
The Rochester Spring Hockey League is welcome for players, coaches, and referees with all abilities and is intended to be a learning environment.
The incident on Sunday night stemmed from a discrepancy over non-calls on the ice which led to a parent argument in the players bench / scoreboard area and escalated to pushing and shoving incident by adults.  Some kids were exposed to this behavior by the adults.  The RSHL has removed those wrongfully involved in the altercation and they have been notified  and will no longer be allowed to participate as a coach in the league.  This is the first such incident that we have had to deal with and is a very unfortunate thing for the kids to have to be around or exposed to.  I would consider this to be a one time incident and we will address it and move forward.  To do so everyone needs to be reminded of some important notes for the league including:
Coaches and parents should not yell at the referees for non-calls including what appears to be missed off-sides icing, and penalties.  Part of that is by design and part may be by inexperience.  Either way the goal is to keep the puck in play as much as possible.
Coaches and parents need to understand that all of the players and most of the referees are learning on the fly which means mistakes will be made and that’s OK.  We are not playing with the intent to win games or the Stanley Cup.  We are playing for fun first.
Coaches need to play kids equally and should instruct those with more skill to pass the puck and try to set up lesser ability kids.  Limit the number of goals a better player can score in a game. Exchange goalies if needed as some may be better than others and do your job as a coach to try to keep the games as close and equally competitive as possible.  Winning is fun, but to play and have games come down to the wire is more exciting for everyone at the rink.  If you have a “star player” then learn to use that player as an asset to help others enjoy their experience in the game.  If you can do this then you are truly a “star coach!”  We should not have games with a goal spread of six or more.  Make in game adjustments to prevent this from happening.  
Referees should make every effort to keep the puck in play as much as possible.  However, the referee should make obvious penalty calls and should make off-sides calls or icing calls if it affects the play.  Do your best to keep the puck in play, but not at the experience of the quality of the game.
If you have questions or suggestions for making the RSHL a great place to play and a great experience for all players, coaches, referees, and parents then please  let us know.
RSHL Info ...
Tuesday Apr 24th 2018

The Rochester Spring Hockey League (RSHL) is off to another successful start!  Please remember that the schedule is posted on the RSHL website at and please provide your coaches with a courtesy reminder if you can't make it to a game so they can plan (especially goalies!).


The rosters and schedules are noted below.  If you did not check-in last weekend then you will need to find the Zamboni driver to pay the league fee, turn in your signed waiver form, and get your jersey.  Please remember to arrive a little early to get checked in.  (Cash or a check payable to GRAHAM ARENA and not RSHL)  All players need a RSHL jersey to play.



                                             TERMITE ROSTER      SUPERMITE ROSTER      SQUIRT ROSTER      PEEWEE ROSTER    


                                             SQUIRT / PEEWEE SCHEDULE     TERMITE / SUPERMITE SCHEDULE      WAIVER FORM